beer prices in oslo

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yes, oslo is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and people often complain about measure it using the price of beer. the alternative newspaper natt&dag has a weekly “beer barometer” (ølbarometer) which lists oslo’s cheapest beer places, but unfortunately not online. fear not, I can share with you oslopuls’ recent survey of 55 bars around the city, with prices … Read More

high prices = more pak khom

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Oslo is known to be one of the most expensive cities in the world (but was recently surpassed by Copenhagen according to ECA International–a link that was sent to me by a friend in Geneva, btw). There are many reasons for this (which I still need to figure out), but for one thing the wages in Norway are much more … Read More

stavanger’s oil museum

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Stavanger is Norway’s oil city, and so naturally I had to visit the oil museum. Norway was apparently a poor country less than two generations ago, but in 1969 oil was discovered in the North Sea. Since then, the government has been careful about limiting foreign rights to the oil. In 1972, Statoil was founded (though it was later partially … Read More

purchasing power across cities

as a follow up–when comparing the price of public transport, a friend duly noted that it would be more interesting to see the relative purchasing power of people in these cities. conveniently, UBS has published a 2009 report on Prices and Earnings in 73 cities. using New York as the benchmark, here are the relative purchasing powers (income / price … Read More

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proportion living in poverty proportion living on over PPP $200 a day proportion of mopeds and motorcycles proportion of species that became extinct between 1500-2004

class auction

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Wharton takes it one step further, allowing students to sell their courses (for points) to other students. It’s all done through a Web site. Buyers and sellers are anonymous, so buddies can’t make deals. Wharton also uses a second-price auction in which the highest bidder wins, but he or she pays the amount of the second-highest bid. Economists like the … Read More


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writing a paper on pharmaceutical patents in china (yes, pressed for time), and I came across this–the type of story that gets me all into intellectual property again.

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