Taiwanese Legislative Fighting

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And I mean actual, physical fighting. Not sure I’ll ever understand this. 藍占立院20小時鎩羽 Blues block the legislature for 20 hours…


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writing a paper on pharmaceutical patents in china (yes, pressed for time), and I came across this–the type of story that gets me all into intellectual property again.

human rights & football?

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BANGKOK (Reuters) – Ousted Thai Prime Minister and new Manchester City proprietor Thaksin Shinawatra is unfit to own an English football club because of “serious human rights abuses” under his leadership, Human Rights Watch said. I’m kinda confused why HRW is doing this. I suppose it’s a way to capitalize on the publicity of a high-profile person, but it makes … Read More

no human rights problem in hong kong?

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the topic of today’s governance & law class was “monitoring government processes” (ie, ombudsmen, commissions of inquiry, judicial review, etc.). there is currently no human rights commission in HK, so our prof was suggesting that perhaps we could expand the powers of the (independent) ombudsman, so as to have a supervisory role with respect to human rights issues. (kind of … Read More

visit to the legislative council

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I went on a trip to legco (as everyone here likes to call it) today, organized by the office of international student exchange–and a grand total of 6 of us showed up. I was surprised that I actually knew some of the topics being discussed. Session started at 11 AM with the Patents Amendment Bill–proposing TRIPS-compliant modifications that would allow … Read More

150 years of law at mcgill

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I was cleaning out my room for my impending trip to HK (during which I’m subletting my room), when I found a booklet by Ian Pilarczyk called A Noble Roster: One Hundred and Fifty Years of Law at McGill. it’s… uh… interesting to see what some of the current profs have to say about their student years at McGill. (be … Read More

recruitment haikus

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Plastic smiles melt Logic with pens and zeroes Do you like our firm? Palms are sore from shaking Hands of smiling strangers Too much jerking off Lovely offices With nice view and carpeting Why is she crying? Tie matches the socks By design. Wish this place matched With me as nicely The anxiety Rises with every word Give me an … Read More

comité de déontologie policière

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I went to see a colleague of mine plead at the police ethics committee yesterday, for the legal clinic that we both work at this semester. (although not yet lawyers, there are some exceptions where we can present arguments before administrative bodies) it was great! I have also been to the immigration and refugee board, and it seemed very similar–less … Read More


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I just realized how boring this paper sounds: Paragraph 2 is also similar to Article 10 of the draft articles recommended by the WCED’s Experts Group on Environmental Law, which aims to prevent “transboundary environmental interference or significant risk thereof which causes substantial harm” (emphasis added). The present provision extends liability not only to physical harm, but also to the … Read More

IPR protection in china

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My people are poor; people in western China are making RMB200 (US$24) per month. Now a bunch of foreigners want me to protect their Gucci handbags? I couldn’t care less. so represents the views of rural Chinese government officials, according to Ekkehard Rathgeber, President of Bertelsmann Direct Group Asia. (found on china law blog) this is the economic argument against … Read More

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