Sushi Cakes

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These pics are from a bakery, believe it or not! Nigiri cakes and beer mug jello, well I can (kind of) understand that… But on what occasion is it appropriate to serve a fish head cake?

the oslo cronut

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oh, did I fail to mention that I’ve tasted the cronut here in Oslo? Quite tasty, and didn’t cost me $100 on the black market. (Surprisingly, at 29 kroner it’s about the same price as in New York–and not any more expensive than other pastries here.) You can get them at Maschmanns, an ultra fancy (read: awesome) food market in … Read More

pastéis de belém

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One of the highlights of my trip to Portugal was a visit to Antiga Confeitaria de Belém, considered the mecca of portuguese egg tarts. Normally you can get custard tarts in any Portuguese snack bar by asking for “pastéis de nata”, but the best ones are to be found at this bakery, served warm out of the oven, and specially … Read More

obama cookies

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a hit at the Market in Ottawa, ever since the first Presidential visit: maple-leaf shaped cookies with “Canada” emblazoned on them.

le pain quotidien

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I’ve been dying to find a decent bakery or pâtisserie in the city. there are none in my neighbourhood, so when I saw this window in the Upper East, I immediately dove into the shop.