uhuru park

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One Sunday we took a walk in Uhuru park, the large park just west of city centre. I wanted to visit because I knew from there you could see the Nairobi skyline (so what if it’s dominated by a giant Johnny Walker ad??): “Uhuru” means freedom in swahili, and the park is actually the place where the first Kenyan flag was raised … Read More

50,000 tiny statues

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Very cool new piece of public art in Oslo: “Grass Roots Square”, in front of government building R6 (Teatergata). It consists of 50,000 tiny statues embedded into the stones of the walkway, inviting people to walk atop them. The artist is Korean-born Do Ho Suh, and while this piece has come to symbolize a lot more since the 22/7 terror attacks … Read More

butterflies at aker brygge

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aker brygge is a fancy schmancy place–all except for the back end, which faces several warehouses. but now even these have been camouflaged with some pretty coverings:


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I’ve visited the Oslo opera house many times but have never been tempted enough by any of its concerts to actually see the main music hall inside. So when they held an open house this weekend, I jumped at the chance to go visit. It’s beautiful inside, lots of smooth lines and dark wood, and I really liked the “centerpiece” … Read More

pedestrianizing torggata

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I am often passing by Torggata, so I was pleased to see that they are making the street more pedestrian and bike-friendly! Sort of like what they did with New York’s Time Square, they’ve started painting the road itself–but in this case with green spots:

the highline

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The High Line is a new park that opened in 2009, built from an old elevated railway track running from Chelsea to the Meatpacking district. It’s still not completed, but so far it consists of pretty landscaping with bits of public art–making for a cool little walk in lower west Manhattan. And because it’s elevated, you get some nice views … Read More

times square lawn chairs

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last week, I decided to check out the new pedestrian area of times square. it’s a public space experiment running until the end of the year, when the city decides whether or not to make the change permanent. I had expected the entire area to be completely pedestrian, but traffic is still allowed to go cross-town: only Broadway is closed … Read More

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