Bunny International Christmas Show 2016

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We went to our first school Christmas show the other day, organized by the Bunny International Daycare. The kids were encouraged to wear whatever costumes they wanted, whether they were Christmas-related or not. It was total chaos, but fun! Here are some pics of the event, and a short little video at the end: The cute video: …and the weird … Read More

Christmas in Nairobi

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The weather is always great in Nairobi, so being 25 degrees every day makes me forget that it’s almost Christmas time. There are some tell-tale signs though, like the workers in Santa hats at Nakumatt: We live near the Junction Mall, and I saw them set up a Santa corner–but it was only now that I noticed his hours: a … Read More

’tis the season

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christmas isn’t traditionally an important holiday, but the commercial aspects are gaining popularity among young people (how trendy). christmas lights everywhere, kitschy decorations… best of all: you can order a santa to come to your house (by motorbike, of course) to personally deliver presents for your kids (with the price varying on the quality of present you want). amusing to … Read More