Bunny International Christmas Show 2016

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We went to our first school Christmas show the other day, organized by the Bunny International Daycare. The kids were encouraged to wear whatever costumes they wanted, whether they were Christmas-related or not. It was total chaos, but fun! Here are some pics of the event, and a short little video at the end:

Welcome sign

Getting the small class ready






Santa hat

Peace, Santa

Utter chaos

Transformer superhero

The cute video:


…and the weird video:

"I got it from my daddy"

Christmas in Nairobi

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The weather is always great in Nairobi, so being 25 degrees every day makes me forget that it’s almost Christmas time. There are some tell-tale signs though, like the workers in Santa hats at Nakumatt:

xmas time at nakumatt

We live near the Junction Mall, and I saw them set up a Santa corner–but it was only now that I noticed his hours: a full two hours every Saturday…

Santa is available for 2 hours

Meanwhile, I was having lunch outside when the Maasai group passed by. At least that’s what I presume it was. Every Thursday there’s a “musical” Maasai market at the mall, but this group was very silent as they marched by…

The Junction on Thursdays

’tis the season

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christmas isn’t traditionally an important holiday, but the commercial aspects are gaining popularity among young people (how trendy). christmas lights everywhere, kitschy decorations… best of all: you can order a santa to come to your house (by motorbike, of course) to personally deliver presents for your kids (with the price varying on the quality of present you want). amusing to see several vietnamese (and hence, skinny) santas zooming by on honda waves on the evening of dec 24.

santas in HCMC