On Hold in Quebec

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One of the stranger parts about returning to Quebec has been seeing how little systems have been moved online. I’ve had to call so many call centres after moving to Montreal, whereas in Taipei I barely used my phone (as an actual phone) at all. Case in point. I knew I wanted to move my business over and incorporate a … Read More

味鼎安和 – Clean & comfortable Taiwanese breakfast spot

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A newish breakfast place in the neighbourhood that serves a slightly modernized version of Taiwanese breakfast foods: their signature danbing (蛋餅)is pretty large and comes with a pork chop, egg and cheese inside (shown in the background of the pic), and their sesame breads(燒餅) come sandwich style (shown in the paper bag). And of course, front and centre is the … Read More

My 8-year old’s playlist

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My son has always been into music. Well, rock music, specifically. It started with us listening to Queen when he was a toddler: As he got older, we encouraged him to read (and spell) by showing him how to type song names into Spotify. From then on, via the magic of AI algorithms, and he started branching out and discovering … Read More

Quarantine for travellers (with kids) to Taiwan

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We did it. We bit the bullet and decided to travel for lunar new year to Norway. And we survived. A 14-day quarantine plus 7-day “self management” period has been a requirement for all travellers to Taiwan for quite some time now. But in December 2021, owing to the anticipated large numbers of returnees for Chinese New Year, the Central … Read More

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