“Congee” on Bowery

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I was in chinatown when I suddenly remembered I’d been craving congee–and how convenient, there was a place across the street from where I was standing called: Congee (well, congee city in chinese: 粥城). and though it didn’t look like the most elegant juk I’ve ever had, it tasted good! I had the fish and thousand-year-old egg congee (魚片皮蛋粥, “yu … Read More

breakfast weekend

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I found a housewares store on the new hanoian that’s semi-near my house, so I set off late morning yesterday to take a look (similar to ikea stuff, the place is called uma in case you’re interested). all this to say,

food tent

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at phyathai there is crap all to eat compared to other BTS stations. still, there is a street food tent that’s open for breakfast and lunch: (this is the entrance, right under the BTS station–you can see taxis and motocycle drivers waiting for fares under the stairs.) And this is the view from inside. I’m eating congee here! it’s like … Read More