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I was supposed to take my parents somewhere to eat during their layover at JFK yesterday, but they didn’t make it out of the airport due to ticketing problems. Not to waste an opportunity to eat away from Manhattan, G and I headed to Flushing anyway. I wanted to try this new Qingdao restaurant called M&T, but it was closed–and … Read More

a sunny day in flushing

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For foodies, it’s no secret that Queens is the home of New York’s best cuisine–and for Chinese and Korean it’s in Flushing, an easy (if long) ride on the 7 line all the way to Main Street. Here are a few photos of this vibrant neighbourhood: Vendor scooping out seeds at a tea & herb shop: Street counter food: Massage, … Read More

nyc elections

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As New Yorkers voted for the richest man in the city for mayor, I spent the morning of November 3rd doing exit poll surveys for AALDEF. My shift started at 6 AM in District 20 of Flushing, Queens–which meant catching the subway at 4:30 from where I live. Flushing is one of the most diverse communities in New York, which … Read More

xi’an in flushing

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the best food I’ve had in NYC was in a Flushing food court. actually, the term ‘food court’ is misleading. it’s more like a collection of half a dozen Chinese food stalls in the basement of a place called Golden Mall (also a misnomer because the ‘mall’ appears to consist entirely of this basement). after hmm-ing and haw-ing awhile between … Read More