taiwanese lychees

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One of the simple, but luxurious things about living in Taiwan is the access to fresh lychees — and because the season is short, you *really* appreciate them. (The season is sadly over, but we managed to snag these at a small vendor today.)

persian sweet lemons

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couldn’t help but notice a large pile of “iranian sweet lemons” outside a middle eastern store today (strangely they were all individually wrapped in little plastic bags), so I bought one to try at home. unlike a lemon, there is no acidity at all (even less than in an orange)… and it’s not very sweet, but rather delicate tasting. refreshing!

tarte tatin

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inspired by the fabulous tarte at le grainne cafe (which I’ll have to review later), I made my own from a recipe off epicurious. looks so good! recipe is as follows:

fruit, fruit, everywhere

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another one of the happy things about food stands in bangkok is the availability of fruit! I really should take a picture of the typical fruit vendor: his cart is a glass ice box (so you can see what fruit is available), usually with pineapple, rose apples, guava, green papaya, and watermelon. whichever fruit you choose is promptly plucked out … Read More