the ultimate in food laziness

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saw this in the freezer section of our local (Kiwi) grocery store yesterday: since when did toast become so difficult and time-consuming that we would need a ready-made frozen version of it? only in Norway. (or at least I hope so.)

high prices = more pak khom

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Oslo is known to be one of the most expensive cities in the world (but was recently surpassed by Copenhagen according to ECA International–a link that was sent to me by a friend in Geneva, btw). There are many reasons for this (which I still need to figure out), but for one thing the wages in Norway are much more … Read More

syltetøy… and banos

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so far my favourite foodstuff in Norway has been… jam! it’s more fruity and has less of that artificial gelatin consistency than what I’m used to, which means it’s easier to use a spoon with this stuff than a knife. our cupboard is currently stocked with apricot, strawberry, raspberry, and (deliciously chunky) apple jam–and with a higher turnover rate than … Read More

who buys ostrich eggs?

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my first time shopping at whole foods (union square)–and while it was overwhelmingly chaotic and overpriced–I have to admit their range of products is impressive.

a day surrounding food

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currently have 4 people living in our 5-1/2 for the week (due to an overlapping roommate situation), and we all spent the day going to jean-talon market, cooking, and eating for hours on end. and somehow we ended up with twice as much dessert as any other dish. we live a very difficult, difficult life. our sausage lady (w. musician). … Read More