shilin night market

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one of the side entrances to the largest night market in taipei: and the food that is there:  meat skewers (pick whichever you want, and she’ll fry them for you), lemon jelly drink, pan-fried buns (qian bao) with vegetable or meat fillings, and cool looking roti machine. but my favourite is the “pulled” roti (zhua bing)–fluffy, buttery, and scallion-y–which I … Read More

breakfast in taipei

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I was in Taipei for the holidays, and each day before driving to my grandparents’ apartment we would eat or pick up breakfast at a soy milk place. Typical dishes served at a place like this include: bowl of hot sweet soy milk (熱豆漿) or “salty” soy milk (鹹豆漿), bowl of rice milk (米漿), scallion pancakes (蔥油餅, with or without … Read More

food in taipei

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whether on the street or at a market, the best part of any city is the FOOD. these are all from taipei, but will be adding more photographs later.