flying from china to taiwan

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A not-so-direct flight from Xiamen to Taipei–presumably to avoid the military airspace over the Taiwanese strait. What was making headlines in the Chinese news when we left: …and in Taiwanese news, when we arrived:

yang wawa

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we’ve just come back from several weeks of holiday in Hong Kong, China (Shenzhen and Xiamen), and Taipei–and wow, was baby S ever popular! especially in China, where girls (and the occasional guy) on the street would often come up and ask to take a photo with him: (same thing with waitresses in restaurants, shop attendants, etc.) (not everyone was … Read More

africans and indians

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In Nairobi, the upper middle class are Indians–and not “fresh-off-the-boat” Indians, but those that have been here for several generations. According to wikipedia, the origin of Indian migration was for the construction of the Uganda railway (or “lunatic express“; see also last post) in the late 19th century. There are now over 100,000 Asians in Kenya today–and all the successful … Read More