beer prices in oslo

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yes, oslo is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and people often complain about measure it using the price of beer. the alternative newspaper natt&dag has a weekly “beer barometer” (ølbarometer) which lists oslo’s cheapest beer places, but unfortunately not online. fear not, I can share with you oslopuls’ recent survey of 55 bars around the city, with prices … Read More

mmm milk beverage!

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ok, I don’t know when lactantia came up with this, but now you can buy “milk beverage”. so… instead of grabbing something else (aka ‘real milk’) when I noticed this, I felt like I just *had* to buy it! (I’m not the only one attracted by sketchy labeling, am I?) sketchiness was further exacerbated by being in the strange greek … Read More

spruce beer

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so this month’s en route (that air canada magazine) made me laugh because of two things: 1) someone’s made a cocktail (the, uh, “Buttstrip”) including as one of the ingredients ¨¦mile bertrand’s spruce beer. (man, it’s been too long since I’ve had a burger and spruce beer down on notre dame…) 2) one of “canada’s best new restaurants” I know … Read More