syltetøy… and banos

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so far my favourite foodstuff in Norway has been… jam! it’s more fruity and has less of that artificial gelatin consistency than what I’m used to, which means it’s easier to use a spoon with this stuff than a knife. our cupboard is currently stocked with apricot, strawberry, raspberry, and (deliciously chunky) apple jam–and with a higher turnover rate than I’d like to admit.

the bread here is also spectacular, the average loaf being something I would have died for in NY. made with a variety of grains, even grocery-store bread is sold in whole loaves and baked daily… I’m not sure I’ve even seen a package of preservative laden plastic-wrapped mushy bread anywhere.

but my latest discovery? banana spread! amazing stuff, it makes every slice of bread taste like banana bread! 😮

banos: "new and better!"

Ingredients for the “bananpålegg”:

  • Bananer (36%)
  • sukker
  • herdet vegetabilsk fett (uten transfett)
  • vann
  • surhetsregulerende middel (melkesyre)
  • fargestoff (tagetesekstrakt)
  • konserveringsmidler (kaliumsorbat of natriumbenzoat)

le pain quotidien

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num pang

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num pang means ‘bread’ or ‘sandwich’ in khmer (similar to the word banh my in vietnamese), and is the name of a new cambodian sandwich shop in the village. the bread here is to die for: crisp on the outside and deliciously chewy on the inside–better than any banh my I’ve ever had (and that’s saying something).

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