pedestrianizing torggata

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I am often passing by Torggata, so I was pleased to see that they are making the street more pedestrian and bike-friendly! Sort of like what they did with New York’s Time Square, they’ve started painting the road itself–but in this case with green spots:

bike repairs

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I like how bike repair dudes put a manual bike pump on the side of the road to advertise their services–though such a pump is never actually used. this guy, for example, clearly had a line coming from an electric compressor somewhere. tube patch + re-inflation: 5000 dong.

hallo oslo

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in oslo on holiday before heading to hanoi. the city is quite walkable (small, with a population of about half a million), pretty, and yes, cold (ok, maybe I’m just complaining, but it’s about 15 degrees here).   can you imagine actually having civilized public transportation? get this: stops for both trams and buses have signs indicating how many minutes … Read More


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I’ve finally gotten my act together and have started biking to work. but let me explain a special characteristic of where I live: it appears that no matter where I go, it’s an uphill bike ride there AND back. for example, it’s about a 40 min ride to work, the first 25 being uphill. and exactly the same on the … Read More


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just got my bike fixed! had to have the rear derailleur replaced and went to VB cycle on victoria. ended up with a shimano alivio to replace the shimano deore lx that I had. no idea how different they are though. I wish I knew more about bike parts… off to test it out! wheeeeeeeee(l)