ingvild & thomas

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this is my street.

on the blue building there’s this inscription:

Here Ingvild and Thomas met on March 21, 1998.

Now they are married.

“In 2004 they divorced, but they are happy nonetheless.”


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… is a nice little website application that I found, when trying to figure out how to isolate a single colour in a photo.

here is the result:
HN pomelo
-some pomelo vendors on my street in Hanoi

HN ton duc thang traffic
-common traffic scene on Ton Duc Thang street, Hanoi (you should see it live)

It’s pretty easy to use picnik, though it is a bit slow. Upload your photo (don’t even need to register) and it will take you to the ‘Edit’ tab. Switch to the ‘Create’ tab instead and select Effects. There is a basic effect called Black & White which lets you “paint” over the sections of the photo you want in black and white (or in colour). Good for people like me who don’t have software like photoshop to do it with (and who can’t figure out how to do it on graphic converter).