rotary phone, anyone?

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kfc delivery

Whoever designed this ad has clearly never seen a real rotary phone. (I remember we had a black one when I was little.)

And yes, KFC will deliver to your house–via motorbike!

public notice

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While looking for apartments in Nairobi, it was quite useful to check out the various bulletin boards at shopping centres in our neighbourhood. It’s interesting what kind of ads turn up:

To whom it may concern

Nice try with the (clearly photocopied) UNICEF letterhead–though I do like the “Mr&Mrs Anne.”

But even better are these “public notices” that are frequently published in the newspaper. Must be a lot of fraud going on around here…

Public Notice

norwegian advertising

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Sometimes I don’t think I’ll ever understand Norwegian mass culture. This ad for vanilla sauce, for example:

endelig skrukork

NYHET! Endelig med skrukork! (“NEW! Finally with a screw cap!”)

It doesn’t market any other feature. No great taste, no new recipe, just… a screw cap. Read More