On Hold in Quebec

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One of the stranger parts about returning to Quebec has been seeing how little systems have been moved online. I’ve had to call so many call centres after moving to Montreal, whereas in Taipei I barely used my phone (as an actual phone) at all. Case in point. I knew I wanted to move my business over and incorporate a … Read More

purchasing power across cities

as a follow up–when comparing the price of public transport, a friend duly noted that it would be more interesting to see the relative purchasing power of people in these cities. conveniently, UBS has published a 2009 report on Prices and Earnings in 73 cities. using New York as the benchmark, here are the relative purchasing powers (income / price … Read More

bye beaucourt

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I’ve moved! 4 years, 7 roommates, and countless summer sublettors. new address to be determined. somewhere in hanoi.

hidden mosque

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behind the bar laitier just east of the nasty corner of saint-laurent & sainte-catherine.


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both taken with my new sony-ericsson k530i.(and if you don’t know what osheaga is, check out osheaga.com)

summer, please

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people are so ready for summer that it even seems nice to sit by the side of a road under construction. (does anyone remember it snowed a week ago?) two more exams. and then, and then? … the excitement of the unknown.

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