purchasing power across cities

as a follow up–when comparing the price of public transport, a friend duly noted that it would be more interesting to see the relative purchasing power of people in these cities. conveniently, UBS has published a 2009 report on Prices and Earnings in 73 cities. using New York as the benchmark, here are the relative purchasing powers (income / price … Read More

bye beaucourt

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I’ve moved! 4 years, 7 roommates, and countless summer sublettors. new address to be determined. somewhere in hanoi.

hidden mosque

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behind the bar laitier just east of the nasty corner of saint-laurent & sainte-catherine.


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both taken with my new sony-ericsson k530i.(and if you don’t know what osheaga is, check out osheaga.com)

summer, please

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people are so ready for summer that it even seems nice to sit by the side of a road under construction. (does anyone remember it snowed a week ago?) two more exams. and then, and then? … the excitement of the unknown.


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was chatting with an italian who had never been to montreal before, and I guess it is kinda weird that you can go from a church to a strip club to a maternity wear store and then to celine dion’s diner in the space of half a block.

variations on glenn gould

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oh yeah, I forgot to mention I went to the variations on glenn gould concert at radio-canada yesterday. it was kinda lame. I was expecting to be able to see the montreal pianist perform–but when we arrived there was nary a piano in sight. we watched a video montage of the 6-pianists-in-their-6-cities with crappy video and cheesy landscape shots fading … Read More

montréal, c’est toi ma ville

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arrived ten minutes early to my 8.30 class (hooray for jetlag), and I suddenly have the urge to smoke. it’s not enough time to do anything substantive + it would be incredible to do something quick to relax. hence my thoughts turn to smoking. QED. too much social conditioning I guess (damn you smokers around me). so I’m back to … Read More

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