the train to mombasa

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G and I are in Kenya for a 3-week holiday, and our only concrete plan was to take the overnight train to the coast. So shortly after arriving to Nairobi, we went to the railway station to check out our options. There is only one train route going through Nairobi:

mega transit sign in Oslo!

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Today I happened to pass by just as Trafikanten was installing a brand new transit sign at Oslo’s busiest interchange, Jernbanetorget. This totally made my day! Since every single bus/tram/subway/train in Oslo passes through this station, all their different platforms are spread over a few blocks, both above and underground. Which can be annoying when, like last week, I was … Read More

trains in china

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Trains are a great way to travel within China. There are several different categories of train, as identified through the route number. Routes consisting only of digits (no letters) are the regular, cheapest (and slowest) trains. Train numbers starting with ‘K’ are fast trains (kuai literally means fast), T trains are te-kuai (especially fast), and Z trains are zui kuai … Read More

st-siméon ferry

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Mixed it up this time on this trip to NB and drove north of the Saint-Laurent instead of the highway south, crossing over to Rivière-du-Loup using the ferry at St-Siméon. and what a fancy ferry it was! first there were the binoculars and the elevator… then there was the diner and bar: and hmm, what else? how about an enclosed … Read More

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