overlooking the front gate

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overlooking the front gate

Peering out the front window, we saw baby N and her nanny chatting with some handymen, and our neighbour making use of an itinerant knife sharpener…

an apartment in nairobi

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We’ve finally signed the lease to our new apartment! We’re living in the Kilimani area of Nairobi–basically where all the NGOs are based. The apartment is furnished and as such a bit overpriced, but what clinched it for us was the large lawn in the back–the only complex we saw that had a green space at all, unfortunately. And in the middle of that lawn stands a big thorn tree, the top of which is level with our (4th floor) balcony:

our balcony

Not a bad place to have breakfast, eh? There are tons of different birds living in this tree, as well as hawks/eagles (?) constantly circling above (note to self: don’t leave baby alone outside). As to the complex, there seems to be a variety of different tenants, including middle-class Kenyan families, expats like us (we’ve met a couple of Canadians, a Brit and an American around our age), and even some Dutch couples here to adopt internationally.

We’re actually taking over the apartment from an acquaintance of G’s who is moving to Vancouver. She happens to be Chinese Canadian, so when I met our landlady’s handyman he exclaimed how I look like her. (I don’t.) Incidentally, this handyman promised to come back the next day to supply us with missing light bulbs and to fix our curtains, but it’s been five days now and he’s nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, the caretaker for our complex is apparently known to appreciate a drink or two (okay, the first time I met him I had never smelled alcohol so strongly on anyone before)–but he helpfully warned us not to swim in the pool in the mornings, which is when he adds “the chemicals”…

Home Sweet Home!

hard candies

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fragrant flowers
fragrant flowers

there is a plant my mom gave me that I never knew sprouted flowers–and the strangest flowers I’ve ever seen. They’re kind of… hard. and fuzzy. and they have such a strong perfume that it smells like candy!


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while trying to get the dog to walk a little out back, it took me about ten minutes to realize that the tall trees I was staring at–now twice my height–were the short 2-foot high shrubs from my memory of ten years ago.



(tiny fireworks of green bursting forth)

my dog

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…is old. I’m back in nb for the week before I start my summer job as what z aptly called an insurance flunkie (more about that later). it’s a bit distressing to see my dog, who is completely different from when I last saw her in august.

she usually is excited to see me for the first time, but now she doesn’t even lift her head to look up. ever. she must be near blind, and also deaf. she doesn’t do too well outside of her little sleeping area… and when in open spaces it seems like she’s constantly afraid to run into things (she takes two steps and then suddenly jerks back in case she is about to hit something). but here is the shocker, for those who know my dog: she’s skinny now. seriously, feels kinda bony when I pet her…

scary how fast the decline hits. I wonder how much longer she has; she turns 17 this summer.

oh, and her hair is falling out too. although she does still have lots of fur, and it’s kind of like short puppy hair now. the life cycle comes full circle.

old dog
old dog