overlooking the front gate

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Peering out the front window, we saw baby N and her nanny chatting with some handymen, and our neighbour making use of an itinerant knife sharpener…

an apartment in nairobi

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We’ve finally signed the lease to our new apartment! We’re living in the Kilimani area of Nairobi–basically where all the NGOs are based. The apartment is furnished and as such a bit overpriced, but what clinched it for us was the large lawn in the back–the only complex we saw that had a green space at all, unfortunately. And in … Read More

hard candies

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there is a plant my mom gave me that I never knew sprouted flowers–and the strangest flowers I’ve ever seen. They’re kind of… hard. and fuzzy. and they have such a strong perfume that it smells like candy!


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while trying to get the dog to walk a little out back, it took me about ten minutes to realize that the tall trees I was staring at–now twice my height–were the short 2-foot high shrubs from my memory of ten years ago. (tiny fireworks of green bursting forth)

my dog

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…is old. I’m back in nb for the week before I start my summer job as what z aptly called an insurance flunkie (more about that later). it’s a bit distressing to see my dog, who is completely different from when I last saw her in august. she usually is excited to see me for the first time, but now … Read More