tulip bulbs & temporary passports

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Observations about Schiphol airport, in Amsterdam: 1. They sell tulip bulbs in the gift shops. 2. All announcements in the airport are terse threats to the people late for their flights, who must “come to the gate NOW or we will offload your luggage immediately” 3. Under no circumstances, not even your grandfather’s funeral, will they allow you to board … Read More

modern airports unite

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hong kong — airport, or shopping mall? airport of the year from 2001-2005 (with a mere second place in 2006). fastest way to get there is taking the subway. you can check your luggage at Hong Kong station in Central, maybe shop a bit at the swanky IFC mall, then take the 23-minute ride to the actual airport… and shop … Read More

happy new year

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Funny thing about New Year’s Eve. Last year it was Hong Kong. This year it was New York City. Flashback. 31 December 2005. I was limping along in a walking cast, facing the impossible task of navigating through half a million people on foot. The problem was that my hotel was way too central, being next to Hong Kong’s Victoria … Read More