Trip to New York

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Quick weekend to NYC to send NW off (on his trip in search for love in Vietnam), meet up with JL, and to give S his first taste of the US of A. The Sights The Food From my memories of living in New York (in 2009/10), I always thought NY pizza was overrated… But I was pleasantly surprised by … Read More

the dalai lama in town

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the dalai lama came to two churches in my neighbourhood this weekend! on saturday he appeared at riverside cathedral for an audience with the tibetan community, and on sunday it was with the general public (at least from what I could tell from the people waiting outside) at st. john the divine. it was the first time I had seen … Read More

the artist is present

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Addition: A NY Times article about sitting with Marina MoMA is posting portraits of those who sit across the artist on their Flickr feed, here: MoMA’s current exhibit, Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present, created quite a stir recently–resulting in the museum having to revoke one man’s 30-year membership. I read the New Yorker’s backgrounder on Abramovic a couple of … Read More

the highline

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The High Line is a new park that opened in 2009, built from an old elevated railway track running from Chelsea to the Meatpacking district. It’s still not completed, but so far it consists of pretty landscaping with bits of public art–making for a cool little walk in lower west Manhattan. And because it’s elevated, you get some nice views … Read More

thousand-year-old icecream

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from the xie xie sandwich shop on 9th ave. sandwiches definitely not as good as num pang in the village, but I love the icecream sandwiches! the centre is blackened caramel (tastes exactly like the crunchy caramel in a skør bar) and they make the ice cream and cookies themselves. delicious!

finally winter

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…and the sparrows are out?! this is how it looked from 125th street station yesterday morning, as the snow was just starting–giant, wet, plops of snow:

grand central squash

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how cool is this: a plexiglass court set up in grand central terminal for a professional squash tournament (“Tournament of Champions“). seats are ticketed, but you can also watch for free (if you don’t mind standing) from the front of the court… you might wonder how the players keep from being distracted by seeing the spectators–this is tempered by a … Read More

vinnie’s pizzeria

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how’s this for a pizza idea: mac & cheese. also shown here: black bean & avocado slice, vegan meat & cheese slice, and garlic knots. the portions are large so one slice is probably enough, but we wanted to try the different kinds! to be honest they look better than they taste, but it’s not bad… definitely worth going if … Read More

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