Wayne Lai, possibly?

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No idea who this is, but I just bought some street food next to him. 😂 …Actually, a friend of mine on Instagram did some sleuthing to determine that it’s a TVB actor from Hong Kong called Wayne Lai (黎耀祥).

purchasing power across cities

as a follow up–when comparing the price of public transport, a friend duly noted that it would be more interesting to see the relative purchasing power of people in these cities. conveniently, UBS has published a 2009 report on Prices and Earnings in 73 cities. using New York as the benchmark, here are the relative purchasing powers (income / price … Read More

costliest cities for public transport

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New graphic from the Economist. The cost for Hong Kong is interesting, given that its MTR was completely privatised in 2000. Compare with New York’s MTA, which is a (government owned) public-benefit corporation. To be fair, the way trips are priced is different for the two cities: in Hong Kong your fare varies by distance (paid for using your trusty … Read More

banning plastic bags

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there’s this commercial on the city bus (yes, on roADshow) that informs the good people of hong kong that they consume over 21 million plastic bags a day (remember the population is about 7 million). and now uganda joins the growing number of east african countries to ban the plastic bag in an attempt to clean up cities.

archetypal HK

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I’ve decided to purge my cellphone of pictures. typical HK street: mcdo + kfc + mosque: fog over victoria harbour (guess that’s not typical–ordinarily it would be pollution):

不中不英 = chinglish

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I could not leave HK without mentioning how lovely my last few days (post exams) were! I got to see some less visited places of the city, including the 10,000-buddha temple (boasting over twelve thousand buddhas), and kowloon-walled-city park (which is pleasant, though more interesting for its colourful history as a lawless enclave). I was also in town for the … Read More

star ferry, queens pier and erotica

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again from EastSouthWestNorth: translated story by an assistant professor on the values gap between older and younger generations–in relation to the ‘cultural heritage vs. business development’ debate and that silly sex survey in the student newspaper at Chinese University (which the Obscene Articles Tribunal ruled as “indecent” a couple of weeks ago). The sinners are still casting the stones, while … Read More

it’s 5 pm in the afternoon

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…and it’s black outside. from rain. this is only an warning. I noticed on my exam schedule the following: Please also take note of the following arrangements on the cancellation of examinations when either the Typhoon Signal No. 8 or the Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is hosted or in force: (a) at or after 6:00am – all morning examinations will … Read More

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