comité de déontologie policière

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I went to see a colleague of mine plead at the police ethics committee yesterday, for the legal clinic that we both work at this semester. (although not yet lawyers, there are some exceptions where we can present arguments before administrative bodies) it was great! I have also been to the immigration and refugee board, and it seemed very similar–less … Read More

rodney graham

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despite the marlboro-man-like ads, the rodney graham exhibit at the musée d’art contemporain was not about cowboys at all (well, except for that one work). while going through, I couldn’t help thinking that these seemed like things that some of my friends would do. like the film of him sitting in a chair with a huge pile of potatoes, throwing … Read More

children, firearms, and homicides

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children. I’m planning to go see bill clinton and jeffrey sachs (uh, and patrick huard?) talk at the millenium promise conference in november. am able to get a somewhat subsidized price for 2 tickets, just need to find someone to split it with. firearms. at work today I had to complete a Code of Business training that the company does … Read More

strippers & peelers

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China cracks down on striptease funerals. [found on wanbro] at lunch today (incidentally my last day at work), a co-worker regaled me with a pretty nasty stripper story at a stag party he went to at a polish restaurant. (of course, we happened to be eating lunch in a polish restaurant.) strippers seem to fill out a more important social … Read More

montreal restos by metro stop

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inspired by idlewords’ taste of subway and jeremy & vinita’s to-the-point montreal restaurant guide, I’ve cobbled together my own little list of montreal restaurants by subway stop. highly selective and by no means exhaustive, I’ve only included places I felt have something worth noting. so far, anyway. still adding as I go along. hope you enjoy!


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was walking down the street when I heard some beats–I followed the sound to the côte-des-neiges community centre and found a breakdance competition going on organized by csmooth. I saw a 3-corner solo contest and the finals for the b-boys/b-girls (under 18) competition. amazing skill not only for the improvisation, but also for timing: knowing when the guy dancing is … Read More

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