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  1. wakeats

    this rocks! I had no idea your web programming powers had grown so.

  2. Ced

    heh, funny that the last commenter rather commented on your programming skills than the actual contents.

    but i was going to say… are you trying to obfuscate your code by omitting the n?

    and it’s great. if i happen to go to one of the places you recommended, i’ll make sure to refer back. 🙂

  3. xanawu

    hmm, not sure what you are asking, do mean line breaks? let me know if anything looks weird, I’m secretly convinced my mac makes everything look pretty. (ok, it’s true!) 😉

    wakeats: believe me, it’s not any more difficult than, say, coding a blog. just a simple database…

  4. xanawu

    nope, I haven’t been using nl2br at all.

    I think there is some confusion… just a question, how are you able to see the source code in the first place? server-side scripting and all.

  5. xanawu

    oops, and I seemed to have deleted your comment by accident, while trying to figure out what to do about comment spammers… have you had that problem before?

  6. Ced

    i meant html source code…

    yeah, i got comment spammers all the time, and there was no way to prevent them from submitting the form – fortunately movable type had a way to disallow actually posting the comments.

    but, umm, i assumed you coded your own blog, and you’re still getting comments spam?

  7. Jon-o

    Comment spammers are crazy. They post to anything that looks like it *might* be a blog form. At McGill, I’ve seen blogspam showing up in all sorts of online sign up forms.

    I’ve been really happy with Akismet in WordPress. It’s caught every bit of spam since I installed it (several hundred in the past month or so). Without it, I probably wouldn’t bother with the blog anymore, because the spam’s just too much trouble.

  8. xanawu

    sigh. yes, I’ve been (halfheartedly) trying to block the comment spam. currently having trouble with some bots now…

    but I’ve learned in the process that there is one dude that is actually manually spamming, because I was able to catch his IP address. how sad.