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was chatting with an italian who had never been to montreal before, and I guess it is kinda weird that you can go from a church to a strip club to a maternity wear store and then to celine dion’s diner in the space of half a block.

variations on glenn gould

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oh yeah, I forgot to mention I went to the variations on glenn gould concert at radio-canada yesterday. it was kinda lame. I was expecting to be able to see the montreal pianist perform–but when we arrived there was nary a piano in sight. we watched a video montage of the 6-pianists-in-their-6-cities with crappy video and cheesy landscape shots fading … Read More

montréal, c’est toi ma ville

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arrived ten minutes early to my 8.30 class (hooray for jetlag), and I suddenly have the urge to smoke. it’s not enough time to do anything substantive + it would be incredible to do something quick to relax. hence my thoughts turn to smoking. QED. too much social conditioning I guess (damn you smokers around me). so I’m back to … Read More

happy july 1st

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kinda forgot canada day happened, along with st-jean baptiste. I’m more chagrined about missing the 10th anniversary of the HK handover (see economist article)–possibly the only chance to see chinese-style fanfare in hong kong (I have sugary/scary visions of thousands of synchronized chinese school children in victoria park, while the PLA marches down queen’s road or something). coincidentally though, I … Read More


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the metro extension to Laval is opening this weekend, both ahead or behind of schedule and over- (la presse) or under-budget (the gazette), depending on how you look at it. [here’s the STM press release with info on activities related to the opening.] according to la presse, the opening of these three stations (Montmorency, de la Concorde, and Cartier) will … Read More

150 years of law at mcgill

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I was cleaning out my room for my impending trip to HK (during which I’m subletting my room), when I found a booklet by Ian Pilarczyk called A Noble Roster: One Hundred and Fifty Years of Law at McGill. it’s… uh… interesting to see what some of the current profs have to say about their student years at McGill. (be … Read More

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