caffè italia

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classic little place on st-laurent in little italy, south of supermarché milano. full of old italians (although some young ones sitting at the counter) just shooting the shit on a sunday afternoon. tv in the back showing sports. good & simple cold cut sandwiches on ciabatta. and definitely definitely have to go back for the espresso. (this place reminded me … Read More


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after the movie ended I had to bike home (because they aren’t letting bikes on the metro nowadays due to jazz fest), well past midnight. the weather in montreal now is absolutely sublime, it is hard in the present state to imagine a better place to be in the summer… and cruising through the warm air and the quiet leafy … Read More


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I went to one of the two opening movies for the fantasia film fest (what used to be an asian film festival, but is now “genre”, as if that’s a… genre). The film I saw was called Seven Swords, by hong kong director tsui hark (who is also responsible for dirty ho, an older kungfu movie that will also be … Read More

the ‘good’ part of old port

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taken during one of my lunchtime jaunts. I fell in love with this building (apparently a rather chic hotel) as it came into full view when I ducked down a small street. it’s gotta be the potted plants in each window, all leafy and well-kept. what I mean by the good part is the area near the fringes of old … Read More

bonne fête nationale

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in honour of saint-jean baptiste day, the 129 bus was decorated with balloons, plastic blue & white dollarama flowers adorned the front window, and attached to the fare collector was a sign trumpeting “bonbons gratuits”, along with the promised goods. montreal bus drivers are great.

underground city

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it was amazing to watch the thunderstorm from our cafeteria on the 18th floor today. it also gave me extra incentive to figure out the way from the bell tower to les halles de la gare via the underground city. what is normally a 2-minute walk across the street (I needed to get a stamp at the post office) took … Read More


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I’ve finally gotten my act together and have started biking to work. but let me explain a special characteristic of where I live: it appears that no matter where I go, it’s an uphill bike ride there AND back. for example, it’s about a 40 min ride to work, the first 25 being uphill. and exactly the same on the … Read More

restaurant jolee

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after playing badminton, ran into K in the metro. was getting quite late so we just grabbed some hoppers and this über spicy shredded coconut thing (which strangely looked exactly like the dried shredded pork you can get at chinese grocery stores) at restaurant jolee on victoria. couldn’t really go wrong at $3.50 for food that will last both of … Read More

uyghur resto hotpot

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back at that xinjiang restaurant on st-laurent in chinatown. the hotpot was pretty good as far as what I’ve had in montreal. interesting because it was spicy with a reminder of that flavouring they use on 羊肉串 (lamb kebabs)–probably just cumin, but still makes it taste vaguely exotic. or addictive. or whatever. [did I ever mention the urban legend of … Read More


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just got my bike fixed! had to have the rear derailleur replaced and went to VB cycle on victoria. ended up with a shimano alivio to replace the shimano deore lx that I had. no idea how different they are though. I wish I knew more about bike parts… off to test it out! wheeeeeeeee(l)

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