children, firearms, and homicides

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children. I’m planning to go see bill clinton and jeffrey sachs (uh, and patrick huard?) talk at the millenium promise conference in november. am able to get a somewhat subsidized price for 2 tickets, just need to find someone to split it with.

firearms. at work today I had to complete a Code of Business training that the company does every year. For the portion on workplace violence and harassment, I am told to remember this point:

Do not use or possess firearms or other weapons at any time while on YourCompany premises, or while conducting business on behalf of YourCompany.

(needless to say, it’s an american company)

homicides. the mother in the recent triple homicide in montreal was a fitness instructor at mcgill. her picture is posted on a pancarte by the swimming pool. she was a beautiful woman. her two daughters were also found shot to death in their bedrooms.