executive koala

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…was incredible! from the bizarre broadway musical number to the “korean” martial arts (including this videogame-like “resurrection” move), this film was hilarious! or at least, it was my kind of humour, being completely silly and absurd. I mean, there was this random omniscient frog running the 7-11 that kept dropping creepy notes to all the characters. and, well, the main character was a giant koala whose eyes would glow red whenever he’d go berserk. and he escaped from alcatraz!

oh I gotta find a copy of this movie.

[omg, I found the opening trailer-song for the movie! (click on the top yellow block) ooh, if only I had the translation again.]


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I went to one of the two opening movies for the fantasia film fest (what used to be an asian film festival, but is now “genre”, as if that’s a… genre). The film I saw was called Seven Swords, by hong kong director tsui hark (who is also responsible for dirty ho, an older kungfu movie that will also be screened at the festival).

seven swords was … okay. or at least that’s what I’d think if I watched it on my own (it was quite cheesy actually, oh the horse, the horse!). but in a packed theatre full of film buffs it becomes truly entertaining. people should always be more reactive/proactive when watching films!

for some reason I’m really stoked to see this movie: I love the silliness of the plot. or maybe it’s just the pic. which is enough, really.