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I’ve finally gotten my act together and have started biking to work.

but let me explain a special characteristic of where I live: it appears that no matter where I go, it’s an uphill bike ride there AND back. for example, it’s about a 40 min ride to work, the first 25 being uphill. and exactly the same on the way back. eerie. and painful.

I guess I should mention I take the paths through the cemetery and the mountain park (i.e., going through the “mountain” instead of around it), which is much more pleasant than, say, riding over the potholed and speeding-bus-veering hill of côte-des-neiges.

(pleasant in a scenery sort of way, not in the easy-on-the-legs sort of way. although you have to kind of love the feeling of ignoring the burn and pushing on instead)

Agrandir le plan

admittingly this is probably the first time I’ve seen a map of côte-des-neiges cemetery–otherwise it is freaking confusing going through there, and I have spent many a day last year figuring out how to get from the decelles entrance to the exit that takes me to parc mont-royal–the fruits of which were evidently forgotten as the other day I found myself back where I started after about 10 minutes of biking (uphill of course).

  1. Albert

    I sometimes run through that cemetary… the key is to follow your nose and the entrances are where it smells fresher… errrr.

    We have that plant with the candy scent… mmmm…

    Did u hit the partay friday? I left at midnite cuz i was tired…