want me to tell you about my dream?

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One morning, S woke up and immediately asked, “Want me to tell you about my dream?” Apparently he dreamt that he won a gold medal at the Olympics (we had recently watched the Winter Olympics). When I asked him in what sport, he said it was swimming… however, he clarified that it was swimming on his bed. And that Aquaman … Read More

magic touch sushi

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Magic Touch Sushi presents the latest reincarnation of conveyor-belt sushi restaurants: order your items from an iPad and they will be delivered via Japanese bullet train. Magic Touch点争鮮 信義ATT店 ATT 4 Fun, 5th Floor No. 12 Songshou Road Xinyi District, Taipei

Impact Hub Taipei Mannequin Challenge

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In case anyone wanted to see what the inside of Impact Hub Taipei looks like! Also featuring the Gogoro battery-swap station… I didn’t know this was going to happen today, but kudos to the videographer, because we did it after only one trial run.

conflict diamonds video

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I don’t usually write about work, but there has been a small project that’s been fun lately: I’ve been putting together videos for three projects as a test pilot in profiling different kinds of research. Here’s the first one, which is the simplest: a slideshow based on some great photos by my colleague Jason for his work on conflict diamonds: … Read More

norwegian advertising

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Sometimes I don’t think I’ll ever understand Norwegian mass culture. This ad for vanilla sauce, for example: NYHET! Endelig med skrukork! (“NEW! Finally with a screw cap!”) It doesn’t market any other feature. No great taste, no new recipe, just… a screw cap.

cycling in hanoi

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actually, this is me cycling on my way home from work. traffic is the number one thing travelers to Hanoi notice most, and it took me a month of cycling before I got the guts to go for the motorbike.

this is fairly light traffic, but gives you an idea… [VIDEO]… Read More

and not a drop to… shower with

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it’s been raining for the past 2 days, apparently the worst since 1984. and by murphy’s law, I of course live on what seems (to me) the worst-hit part of the city. this video is from early in the day, when I first tried to get to work: it only got worse later. nowhere to stand without being submerged, and … Read More

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