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the metro extension to Laval is opening this weekend, both ahead or behind of schedule and over- (la presse) or under-budget (the gazette), depending on how you look at it. [here’s the STM press release with info on activities related to the opening.] according to la presse, the opening of these three stations (Montmorency, de la Concorde, and Cartier) will transport 50 000 people a day, reducing the number of cars on the road (and on bridges) by about 3000.

to go with this grand metro event, I’d like to announce the launch of www.metroboulotresto.com: this is for all the foodies in montreal who are also public transit lovers, listing restaurants by metro stop in one-line reviews. short. sweet.

metroboulotresto is a joint collaboration with smurfmatic (who admittedly did all the technical coding stuff up until now); after seeing the resto page on this site [ed: now removed], he thought it would be a good idea to make it a website of its own. there are still a few more things to be implemented, but let me know what you think. foodies unite!