montréal, c’est toi ma ville

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arrived ten minutes early to my 8.30 class (hooray for jetlag), and I suddenly have the urge to smoke. it’s not enough time to do anything substantive + it would be incredible to do something quick to relax. hence my thoughts turn to smoking. QED. too much social conditioning I guess (damn you smokers around me).

so I’m back to impossibly blue skies, fashionable people and chic cafes, but also to that ever-present pressure of being in a place where your life is just too established. social, financial, academic, work (etc. etc. etc.) obligations. you know, that feeling of having approximately 1,038 things to do for yesterday (though I am rather proud of finally getting my inbox down to < 200 messages). a feeling I’ve been gladly without for the past 8 months.

but environmental economics is about to start. guess I’m not having that smoke.