happy july 1st

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kinda forgot canada day happened, along with st-jean baptiste. I’m more chagrined about missing the 10th anniversary of the HK handover (see economist article)–possibly the only chance to see chinese-style fanfare in hong kong (I have sugary/scary visions of thousands of synchronized chinese school children in victoria park, while the PLA marches down queen’s road or something).

coincidentally though, I did spend the day wandering the markets of chinatown (yaowarat), bangkok’s answer to sham shui po: old golf clubs, second-hand pants, and piles of amulets everywhere…

this is not a picture of yaowarat:


also unrelated, I’ve been told that metroboulotresto made it in the gazette this past weekend. (see picture of the print version here)

  1. z

    Into the big-time press now – congrats! I should do the same for the subway up here in Anchorage. Okay, I’m done. All zero stops have been outlined. Sigh…