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… is a nice little website application that I found, when trying to figure out how to isolate a single colour in a photo. here is the result: -some pomelo vendors on my street in Hanoi -common traffic scene on Ton Duc Thang street, Hanoi (you should see it live) It’s pretty easy to use picnik, though it is a … Read More

lenin statue park

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possibly my favourite park in hanoi, lenin statue park (not to be confused with the larger Lenin Park) is always filled with kids in the evenings: skateboarding/breakdancing hip-hop teenage kids, or–as shown here–young kids being driven around in remote-controlled cars rented by their parents. all under Lenin’s proud gaze.

cycling in hanoi

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actually, this is me cycling on my way home from work. traffic is the number one thing travelers to Hanoi notice most, and it took me a month of cycling before I got the guts to go for the motorbike.

this is fairly light traffic, but gives you an idea… [VIDEO]… Read More

temple on kim ma

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spent a day with my roomie, Seth, wandering around town, shopping, eating at our fav veggie restaurant (Ha Thanh), and also… visiting the temple on kim ma street. it was fairly quiet (well, compared to the chaos outside on the street), though there were a few people inside for the mid-month worship. like the other temples around town, this one … Read More


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do you know what’s amazing about hanoi? no McDonald’s. no Starbucks. ok, granted there is KFC, but can you imagine such a glorious thing? do you know what’s not amazing about hanoi? Lotteria.

here comes Tet

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Têt (essentially chinese new year) is coming, and the shopping frenzy continues.

bun cha, part 2

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very fine bun cha place on my street. close-up on the meaty goodness: bun cha apparatus: bucket o’ coals, meat in a grill clamp, fan to keep the (amazing amount of) smoke out of your face and into the street (good advertising), little bia hoi stool to do it all from. Doi Can street (just west of Van Bao, next … Read More

banh my pate egg

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seems to be a cheaper version of banh my hue (don’t remember the price, but probably around 10,000 VND). yes, that is pate fried with an egg. you can’t imagine how delicious this is. this was a super popular place on doi can, but as of yesterday has been replaced by a skater shop of all things. poo.

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