Balloon Tank Man?

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Commemorating 30 years since the Tiananmen incident and that iconic photo of tank man. I wonder what the bus loads of mainland tourists think. At Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall.

Wanna pant, but can’t?

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Norwegian joke found on the back of a Tommy & Tigern we inherited. (Actually, that’s probably the cruelest joke of all, translating Calvin and Hobbes to “Tommy and the Tiger”) 🐯😢 

(Pant is the deposit you pay for plastic bottles, refundable when you return the empty bottle to the grocery store.)

wanna pant, but can't?

Taipei Julebord 2018

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This year’s Julebord (Taipei edition) was held at Woolloomooloo! It’s been organized annually by the one other Norwegian family we know here (John & Yili), but sadly they will be moving away next year (to Norway)! This year about 30+ people came out.

I must say the restaurant did an amazing job with the ribbe. The owner Jimmy explained to me that pigs in Taiwan are raised to achieve several layers of fat… the results of which you can see here! The pork was crazy fatty, the skin crispy and crunchy: just perfect.

More photos from that evening — the kids had fun too!

Trick or Treat

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Spotted on the street this morning: a class on their way trick-or-treating. Not all schools do this, but if they do, it’s usually pre-arranged with neighbourhood shops/businesses… A very organized activity.

trick or treat

URLs on a scrolling marquee are just wrong

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URLs on a scrolling marquee are wrong

Scrolling neon signs are everywhere in Taipei, and often in the most incongruous places–it’s like no one notices how much it ruins the perfectly nice university gate, local park, or even temple, behind it. It carries an ugly touch of modernity that isn’t even that modern in our smartphone world. Really, are you supposed to read the URL, remember the cid, and then type it into a browser? [confused.]

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