a pack of peanuts

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The translation on the back of this pack of garlic peanuts is fun: “The seed is big, delicious. And tasty. It is the best choice for snacks and the company when drinking.”

MRT restrooms

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Alarm buttons, anti-spy camera detection, and squat toilets — all courtesy of the MRT.

228 “Incident”

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Today is a public holiday to commemorate 2/28. Since we didn’t know much about the origins of this holiday, we decided to take a (rainy) walk down to 228 Peace Memorial Park to check out the museum. The museum was free but unfortunately all in Chinese (except for a single-page brochure in English). So although it was decent-looking enough, we didn’t spend too … Read More

deep excavation

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A new apartment building is being constructed across the street from our place, and from our balcony we can see everything that’s going on. I don’t know if it’s related to earthquake readiness, but I’ve noticed that many new buildings have at least 3 floors constructed below ground–and the building across from us is no exception. Never occurred to me before how … Read More

MRT public service announcement

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This is a friendly reminder from the MRT, at the subway stop closest to where I live: “When something’s wrong… Defend yourself with what you can find.” I’m really not clear on what scenarios inspired this billboard, but it’s apparently something you can attack with your backpack or umbrella.

cursive coffee

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Very small coffee bar that’s easy to miss with all the crowds at Q-Square Mall. It’s not a cheap place for coffee, but the care that they take in slowly hand-brewing your cup feels like a luxury. The woman at the counter allowed us to smell small samples of the beans they had on offer. I opted for the dark … Read More

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