cursive coffee

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Very small coffee bar that’s easy to miss with all the crowds at Q-Square Mall. It’s not a cheap place for coffee, but the care that they take in slowly hand-brewing your cup feels like a luxury. The woman at the counter allowed us to smell small samples of the beans they had on offer. I opted for the dark roast Taipei Mambo ($NT135), and my friend took a lighter African blend. The woman promptly ground my beans, heated my cup (yes, even a paper takeaway cup), and cooled boiling water to a specific temperature before carefully pouring it in a circular motion over a drip filter. It was really good! (I admit I didn’t even need to take sugar in my coffee!)

Cursive Coffee

Cursive Coffee
Q-Square Mall (京站)
B2/F, No.1, Section 1, Chengde Road, Datong District, Taipei

  1. Tom

    I loved this place! Excellently prepared coffee at a very reasonable price. I just returned to Taipei and looked for this place again. Unfortunately, it seems to have shutdown and the space is now occupied by a frozen yogurt outlet.