Pizza and Books

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Slowly eating pizza and reading Monkey and ME by Emily Gravett — found in the pile of kid’s books upstairs at Woolloomooloo.

because I like everyone (duh)

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I thought I would start chronicling some of the silly things that S says. The other day, we ran into a classmate of his on the street with her mom. I later asked who that was. S: That’s Liu Zhilong. She doesn’t like me! [Says this while smiling.] Me: Oh, why is that? S: I dunno. Me: That’s okay, not … Read More

magic touch sushi

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Magic Touch Sushi presents the latest reincarnation of conveyor-belt sushi restaurants: order your items from an iPad and they will be delivered via Japanese bullet train. Magic Touch点争鮮 信義ATT店 ATT 4 Fun, 5th Floor No. 12 Songshou Road Xinyi District, Taipei

Bunny International Christmas Show 2016

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We went to our first school Christmas show the other day, organized by the Bunny International Daycare. The kids were encouraged to wear whatever costumes they wanted, whether they were Christmas-related or not. It was total chaos, but fun! Here are some pics of the event, and a short little video at the end: The cute video: …and the weird … Read More

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