a bike ride in Jiaoxi

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We’re spending the month of August on the east coast of Taiwan, and today was a bike ride through Jiaoxi in Yilan County… This town is a major tourist spot because of its hot springs – and its easy access from Taipei (less than an hour’s drive through a remarkable mountain tunnel).

Another popular spot? The roast chicken at 甕窯雞:

They provide you with gloves, as you’re meant to rip the whole chicken apart with your hands… finger lickin’ good.

Heavy Taste Dr. Fish… in Jiaoxi, Taiwan

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When in Jiaoxi, do as the Taiwanese do: the “fish spa”, whereby tiny fish eat the dead skin off your feet…

Heavy taste Dr. fish, anyone? Anyone?

礁溪 重口味溫泉魚

Okay, actually, we didn’t have the guts (feet?) to try this one — we opted for the normal version (with smaller fish) in Tangweigou Hot Spring Park, just down the street.

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