My 8-year old’s playlist

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My son has always been into music. Well, rock music, specifically. It started with us listening to Queen when he was a toddler: As he got older, we encouraged him to read (and spell) by showing him how to type song names into Spotify. From then on, via the magic of AI algorithms, and he started branching out and discovering … Read More

Quarantine for travellers (with kids) to Taiwan

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We did it. We bit the bullet and decided to travel for lunar new year to Norway. And we survived. A 14-day quarantine plus 7-day “self management” period has been a requirement for all travellers to Taiwan for quite some time now. But in December 2021, owing to the anticipated large numbers of returnees for Chinese New Year, the Central … Read More

Taiwan Stands With Ukraine

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We’ve watched with dismay as Putin went in to invade the Ukraine. Being in Taiwan, the parallels between Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan is a hot topic — but of course, they are not exactly the same. All that aside, I would say that the plight of Ukrainians has garnered a lot of sympathy in Taiwan (one organization reportedly raised NT$214 million … Read More

New graffiti at 芝麻大酒店

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Graffiti in action at the long abandoned 芝麻大酒店 smack in the middle of Taipei. Here’s a news article describing the crowdfunded real estate project (from 1977!) that resulted in this large, abandoned high rise (likely filled with squatters)…

want me to tell you about my dream?

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One morning, S woke up and immediately asked, “Want me to tell you about my dream?” Apparently he dreamt that he won a gold medal at the Olympics (we had recently watched the Winter Olympics). When I asked him in what sport, he said it was swimming… however, he clarified that it was swimming on his bed. And that Aquaman … Read More

an old dog with old tricks

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I just watched this old and slow dog cross six lanes of heavy traffic during rush hour. All by watching the traffic patterns. What’s more astonishing is that this is not the first time I’ve seen this in Taipei.

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