Sushi Cakes

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These pics are from a bakery, believe it or not! Nigiri cakes and beer mug jello, well I can (kind of) understand that… But on what occasion is it appropriate to serve a fish head cake?

Yuanxiao vs. Tangyuan

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Check out these *fried* yuanxiao! Apparently yuanxiao (元宵) are made by rolling in glutinous rice flour with large, flat woven baskets – instead of merely wrapping the filling with a dough, as tangyuan (湯圓) are. But tell me, would you be able to taste the difference? 🤔 #元宵節 Ho Hsing 1947合興壹玖肆柒No. 223, Section 1, Dihua St, Datong District, Taipei City, … Read More

Pallets of Bok Choy

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They were literally distributing pallets of bokchoy (白菜) at Taipei City Hall today. Is this the hot new thing people are group-buying now?

flying motorcycle game

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When your 7-year old starts beating adults at the insane flying motorcycle game – it might mean you go to the arcade too much…

Fuyang Eco Park

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A doable hike for young kids! We typically start off at Fuyang Eco Park, and take the trail that leads to Fuzhousan Park (which is where this pic of 101 was taken from).

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