Trip to New York

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Quick weekend to NYC to send NW off (on his trip in search for love in Vietnam), meet up with JL, and to give S his first taste of the US of A.

The Sights

The Food

From my memories of living in New York (in 2009/10), I always thought NY pizza was overrated… But I was pleasantly surprised by the random slice we picked up near Times Square at Famous Famiglia (686 8th Ave)–it was delicious! (and oh, so greasy…)

Famous Famiglia

Next morning’s bagels though were as underwhelming as I remembered. I guess the good thing about it are the toppings you can get inside (this was a breakfast bagel). The bagel itself was meh. But since it was American-sized portions, I was really full for hours… This is from Bagel Market (425 Lexington).

Breakfast bagel at Bagel Market

My fav meal, always: the lamb cumin noodles at Xi’an Famous Foods (we went to 8 Liberty Place, though now they have several locations). I used to take the 7 deep into Flushing to get this at a grungy little “food court”…

Cumin lamb noodles and stewed pork sandwich

Ended it all with a low-key diner breakfast at John’s Coffee Shop (823 2nd Ave).

NYC diner