babies for sale, on eBay?

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A short article today about baby trafficking in China (BBC). not sure how convinced I am of how “strict” the one-child policy is now. I heard you simply have to pay a fine for each additional child. (not that it makes it better, now those who can afford it can have multiple children. but what can you do?) Population and … Read More

never did like the smurfs, but…

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(picture from wizbang) …the 25-second clip starts typically with the lovable blue Smurfs dancing hand-in-hand while singing the Smurf song. But chaos descends as wave after wave of fiery explosions level them. It ends with Baby Smurf sobbing inconsolably with the final frame reading: ‘Don’t let war affect the lives of children.’ — electric new paper unicef’s FAQ on the … Read More

all we ate was dried potatoes

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M is currently accompanying Wolfowitz on a trip throughout China, doing ‘communications support’ (as she likes to ‘guillmet’ it), which involves visiting a lot of villages… and apparently eating 20 course meals with questionable meat (hey, it’s called southern chinese food). Sounds like an amazing experience — This is her description of one of the resettlement projects supported by the … Read More

one million roses!

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Connecting an oscillating fan to his PS2 joystick to play katamari damacy, what dedication! (via natebot) I could just see myself spending days hypnotised, and with serious carpal tunnel. My eyes are glazing… “Oh, We know why! We get the point of rolling up a million.”

props to the disabled

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so I’ve decided to play for the badminton team again. Two weeks into it, and I’m playing a tournament in Sherbrooke. We’re into our 2nd match of doubles, 2nd game: 5-1, we have a good lead, we’re on a roll, I run forward, and someone smashes the back of my heel with a metal bat. what? hmmm, apparently the sudden … Read More

cab one

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Had to take a taxi home, first time in a car since I’ve been back. “Pouvez-vous porter la ceinture, SVP?” oh shit, I forgot seatbelts existed.


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After living a few months in Beijing, my brain still cannot comprehend its terrifying immensity. This city is huge. 15 million people over 16,000 sq km, China’s heart keeps on growing, with now six ring roads radiating outwards from the city. Living on Third Ring road, I knew I had to figure out the public transportation system to get around. … Read More

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