other people try to put socks on their cast too

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while I’m reading about the shift from quantitative mental labour to qualitative in the characterization of intangible property, an elderly man may be having a heart attack.

“Lady, somebody get a doctor!”

which may not seem too unusual, given I’m in a hospital.

but I’m in the orthopedics wing, where crutches & wheelchairs & ankle casts are the norm… I’m the youngest one here and apparently the only one that made it to the ward on my crutches — others have ’em, but have rolled in via wheelchair. I am also, with only perhaps one other woman, here alone. so used to doing everything myself, but it’s in these situations that I start to think that might not be normal. on one hand I have not had to depend (too much) on anyone yet, but I realize now the importance of family and other people you *can* rely on, as you get older. a sobering thought.

my best friends
my best friends

the marathon wait continues…