xi’an in flushing

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the best food I’ve had in NYC was in a Flushing food court.

actually, the term ‘food court’ is misleading. it’s more like a collection of half a dozen Chinese food stalls in the basement of a place called Golden Mall (also a misnomer because the ‘mall’ appears to consist entirely of this basement).


after hmm-ing and haw-ing awhile between the different Read More

not just peacocks… albino peacocks.

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my boyfriend’s parents were in town recently, which was a good opportunity to do some exploring of the city. the best part was riding on one of those double-decker open roof buses, especially since I would not have learned otherwise that in my own neighbourhood–at the cathedral of st john divine (that big church by the university)–there live two peacocks. and one of them is albino.


they just roam around freely on the church grounds! how random is that?

le pain quotidien

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I’ve been dying to find a decent bakery or pâtisserie in the city. there are none in my neighbourhood, so when I saw this window in the Upper East, I immediately dove into the shop. Read More

num pang

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num pang means ‘bread’ or ‘sandwich’ in khmer (similar to the word banh my in vietnamese), and is the name of a new cambodian sandwich shop in the village. the bread here is to die for: crisp on the outside and deliciously chewy on the inside–better than any banh my I’ve ever had (and that’s saying something).

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