executive koala

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…was incredible! from the bizarre broadway musical number to the “korean” martial arts (including this videogame-like “resurrection” move), this film was hilarious! or at least, it was my kind of humour, being completely silly and absurd. I mean, there was this random omniscient frog running the 7-11 that kept dropping creepy notes to all the characters. and, well, the main character was a giant koala whose eyes would glow red whenever he’d go berserk. and he escaped from alcatraz!

oh I gotta find a copy of this movie.

[omg, I found the opening trailer-song for the movie! (click on the top yellow block) ooh, if only I had the translation again.]

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  1. Ced

    Oh, then you would’ve liked Funky Forest too!

  2. xanawu

    ooh! then I hope that eventually we’ll find both movies with english subtitles!

    (or learn japanese fast.)