learning vietnamese

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my third lesson today, and it was vocab overload.

teacher giáo viên
lawyer luật sư
doctor bác sĩ
farmer nông dân
painter họa sĩ
policeman cảnh sát
singer ca sĩ
journalist nhà báo
flight attendant tiếp viên hàng không
engineer kĩ sư
driver lái xe
secretary thư ký
worker công nhân
pilot phi công
architect kiến trúc sư
factory nhà máy
hospital bệnh viện
office (organisation) cơ quan
office (building) văn phòng
university đại học
airport sân bay
bookstore hiệu sách
centre (中心) trung tâm
international quốc tế
national quốc gia

some obvious cantonese influences in the words for university (大学), country (国), airline (航空)… and while that may be attributed to 1,000 years of Chinese rule, there was one word I learned today with a French origin:

movie phim

but I guess that makes sense. 🙂

[hats off to apple, which makes inputting characters from different languages a breeze, and all without having to install any additional software! the keyboard viewer eliminates the need to memorize keystrokes when typing in French, Vietnamese, Chinese, Norwegian… so that the only barrier is actually knowing the language. someone have a widget for that?]