the most famous foreigner in china

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…is a Canadian dude from Ottawa?! His name in Chinese is 大山 (‘dashan’ or big mountain), and he’s crazy famous. Hilarious because I would never have heard of him in Canada–but Chinese people tell me he’s more famous than Mao. (How’s that for a benchmark?)

So I guess it’s no surprise that the Canadian embassy in Beijing now has his face plastered on the building, as a publicity thing for the Shanghai expo. They also have a billboard showing Stephen Harper walking with Hu Jintao… It’s kinda weird advertising (I mean, have you ever seen promos on an embassy?), but I guess a little national PR doesn’t hurt. (?)

canada's rep to the world expo

  1. Xinxin

    He is quiet famous.Since i was very young, i mean very young, he was on TV all the time, and not teaching English(which usually other老外s does),but he was doing some 相声.and later i have seen him on some TV channel teaching Chinese…haha.