my dog

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…is old. I’m back in nb for the week before I start my summer job as what z aptly called an insurance flunkie (more about that later). it’s a bit distressing to see my dog, who is completely different from when I last saw her in august.

she usually is excited to see me for the first time, but now she doesn’t even lift her head to look up. ever. she must be near blind, and also deaf. she doesn’t do too well outside of her little sleeping area… and when in open spaces it seems like she’s constantly afraid to run into things (she takes two steps and then suddenly jerks back in case she is about to hit something). but here is the shocker, for those who know my dog: she’s skinny now. seriously, feels kinda bony when I pet her…

scary how fast the decline hits. I wonder how much longer she has; she turns 17 this summer.

oh, and her hair is falling out too. although she does still have lots of fur, and it’s kind of like short puppy hair now. the life cycle comes full circle.

old dog
old dog