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  1. jon-o


  2. koen

    I’m sure it was best she’s been put to rest, but thats still very saddening news. Gees, I’m sitting here at my desk getting all reminiscent about your dog.

    In my head she’ll always be anxiously waiting for you to throw a tennis ball for her, or gleefully humping the pillows from your couches. *sigh*

  3. xw

    hard to tell. she wasn’t running around anymore, but she also wasn’t in any pain either. weird how I thought in undergrad that she could go at any point (and I graduated, what, 5 years ago??)

    at least I saw her one last time.

  4. CW

    It’s never easy to say good bye to a companion and friend we had for so many years, to us, she was part of the family, I was really sad driving her to the hospital, and when they asked if I wanted to stay and watch her, I just could not hold back anymore, I left in a hurry.

  5. z

    Here’s to lingling – the once and future westie!

  6. AW

    Sorry to hear that. Incredible she lasted so long.